Hey Edge Community!

Now the alpha backer are close, we will try to talk more often.

As we show in our Facebook/Twitter account, Jeremy and Safraz are working closely for our NPC system and we wanted to show some of it.
Check this new quick video but remember this is still an work in progress:

We are working on a intent system for the NPCs that will create realistic behaviors and interact with the environment. It’s an huge thing to create but it’s very important to us. We think it’s important for the journey of our characters and for our players to see how the world lives and that means NPC with credible willpower.

Daryon new face look :

Based on the feedbacks of everyone we improved a lot Daryon face, he looks like that right now, more JRPG-ish and looking more like the old Daryon. (forget the bad quality looking at close range of the model, it’s a model for far viewing, the cutscene model is a lot more detailed).


And finally, here is a quick video about PopCorn FX, that we discussed in the last update. We are very happy to work with it and we will show you more in a next update. But before a sneak peek of it, this video shows some effects of a spell:

Remember that all is shown here is still work in progress stuff. 😉

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