In a pure traditional JRPG way, Edge of Eternity core feature is strategical combat.

Our goal is to share with players our own vision of the Active Time Battle. For the Kickstarter Demo, we showed two different ways. Thanks with all your feedbacks and many playtests we have run, we are now working on a new unique combat mode.

Our wish with this system is both to bring back your best JRPG memories and to offer an original experience. In that way, if the core gameplay reminds classical ATB such as Final Fantasy,  our system provides a new tactical experience by introducing movements and strategic positioning.

First of all,  fights are taking place in the exact game space where you meet the enemy in the exploration phase. The area incorporates the same geographic look and features that you can see while exploring, such as climate, objects, topography

In fights, players can move his characters on an hexagonal grid by sacrificing part of their turn. Each hexagon has no characters limits and all the characters in the team can reach the same. You just can’t be on the same than the ennemies.

We added the ability to interact with the scenery and the system works in three ways:


  • Event at the entrance


  • Event at the exit


  • Special action available on the Action bar (filtered by character)

One another important features we added is the interruption system, inspired by the Grandia series. Playable Characters and NPC can launch powerfull attacks, but while they are casting they can be interrupted. This will be a key part of the most epic fights you will face in Edge of Eternity. Interrupting the enemy and prevent the enemy from interrupting your own cast will be the key to victory. Cast can be interrupted through classic physical damages but also through a set of specific interruption skills. As you may have already understand, the positions and the movement systems are closely tied to the interruption system. Physical damages can’t be done to your character if he’s protected by one of his foes. Choose wisely your positions and you’ll be able to unleash your most tremendous spells!

This movement system provides an innovative combat and a new tactical dimension and thus offers more dynamism and immersion. We are currently setting up the first Alpha Test. Our backers will soon have the opportunity to test this new combat system and we hope they will send us important feedbacks.

To show how it’s working, here an exemple with the mine. This case is interesting because it exploits all the special events. At the entrance on the cell the mine starts blinking. If you leave the case, the mine will explode, unless you have an character with technology skills (such as Fallon) on your team for defusing it. It works the same way for ennemies.

We are also adding a new skillset system for technics and spells. It will allow you to select 8 technics or spells from from each one of your weapons. By selecting a new weapon during fights, you will switch between skillset and open a new character build with more offense or defensive skills for instance. Switching weapons make you loose one turn and could affect your stats, yours crystal set and more figthings options.

As you can see on this update, we are also working on a new user interface for PC and Console. We believe that a less intrusive UI will let you enjoy the game more.

— Popcorn FX

We recently started a partnership with the French company Persistant Studio which provides PopCornFX solution. This is kind of the FX solution for video games. With this technology we will greatly increase the quality of our special effects. We hope we will give you a bluffing visual experience during combat and make Heryon look even better..


 Remember that all is shown here is still work in progress stuff. 😉

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