Edge of Eternity is all about the choices you will made in the course of the game. During your journey, you will have multiple possible path to follow, and not only Manichean good or bad actions, and it will up to you to build you very own story. According to the dangers you choose to face or avoid, some of your friends may die, town could be rampaged and people crushed. You could acquire more goods or continue your adventure empty handed.

According to the decisions you make, your travel can be deeply affected. Cities could close their doors to you and hunt you down if you mess things up.

One of the greatest challenges we are facing with Edge of Eternity is to build all this branching story system up. We do not want it to be “just” about being good or evil. We want you to play the way you want just having in mind that any single choice you make may have consequences soon or later in your adventure. For us as for you there is obvious and easy things. If you kill that woman as proposed by your quest, she will be missing later. Will it matter, when, in what conditions? Well, these consequences could be a lot more complex to handle for us.

We want our game to be player driven. People you talk to, enemy you fight, quests you achieve… This actions and decisions can have consequences on the big picture, the main storyline, but they also have deep impact on your environment and everything who live inside. And this is non counting the random events that can occur everywhere at any time.

What we want to build is a world that evolves with you, where you feel you do play a key role.

We can gave you this example we already used a few times: the robbers. At some point in the game, you will have to fight a group of robbers that threats a village. Your behavior will be important on many levels. Once the farmer ask you for help, will you go straight away to find them? If you don’t you may come back later and find the farmer dead and the village in flame. This will close any further interaction with this town, quests, shops. At least the one planned with living villagers, survivors may offer other possibilities.

In the same story, if you do go hunt down the robbers you will eventually fight their boss. If you beat him you will have to make a choice. If you kill him, you will dismantle his group and make the villagers safe and happy. If you spare his life and accept to join him you will take advantage of the plundering of the village and gain a lot of extra resources easily. Yet again, your choice will open or close a set of quests, missions and encounters possibilities.

Your choices in this area will also impact the rest of your adventure, you may be banned from some towns, or shot at sight by troopers if you choose to follow a dark path. But you may be more welcome in other places, and found some allies among other outsiders of Heryon. This example is quite Manichean on purpose. It’s meant to explain how it works. In the game, the addition of multiple moments of choice will make it a lot more complex.

We can give you a few more theoretical examples without spoiling our story. You might need to break the foundation of a cave to ease your fight against fierce enemies. But if you do so, the village situated above the cave will completely collapse.

Your behaviour will also influence the dialog choices you will have. If you decide to be rude with a merchant, he could decide to raise the price of his product or even simply close his shop to you. This will be this addition of major and very little things that will make you the real hero of your adventures.

At last, we will offer you our dynamic event system that will add in-depth to the branching story. It is based on day time, weather or other factors with the purpose of influencing your possibilities.

Some monsters will appear on the map only at night or when it’s raining. Merchant prices, emplacements or available goods will be greatly influenced by the faction who controls the area.

This will be a huge challenge for us to offer you everything we have in mind to make Edge of Eternity an experience to remember. We already built a lot. Thanks to your amazing support we will now be able to face our big challenges! Thanks again to all our bakers!

Remember the Fan Art Contest

As announced in a previous update we are currently running a Fan Art Contest with collector packs for the winners.

There’s already some nice submissions that you can see on our forum. Don’t forget to post yours before the end of the week !

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