Hello Kickstarter community!

It’s been a while since the last update and we sincerely apologize for that. But do not think we spent the last weeks on a beach somewhere! We actually had a pretty busy summer with many new content brought to the game and the Gamescom as an important moment for us. We now have many things to let you know about: news about Mitsuda, new screenshots showing our new art direction, new fighting mechanics, and many more. We hope you will enjoy this big September update!

New website!

First of all we recently launched a new official website for the game.

Check it out here:


The new design reflects the new art direction of the game and gives the visitors a better preview of our work in progress. We will progressively add more content and pages to unveil or explain the features of the game. You can also find our blog where we will post some smaller updates, press reviews and more… Feel free to give us some feedback and opinions. Remember you can also join our forum where our core community is already really dynamic.

You are more than welcome to join!

And the preorder store is back online!

See it there:


Graphical Improvements

As you know over the past weeks the game made a huge step forward as we switched to Unity 5 and welcomed new artists in the team. We are working hard to push the game to a new graphical level as you can see from these few screenshots.

We hope you like this new look. Come and share your feelings on our forums, your feedback are very important to us.




New Battle system

Fighting is a crucial feature in a J-RPG. As we previously announced, we focused most of our game design work on building a unique battle system for Edge of Eternity based on the classical ATB system. We decided to make it a lot more ambitious than we previously proposed with the Kickstarter demo.

We will soon release a full update about this new combat system, but as a teaser, here’s the key features:

  • Non instanced battlefields: the combat takes place on the exactly where it started on the map, with possible interactions with the environment (care where you fight!)
  • Strategic moves: you will be able to move your characters on the battlefield. Their positions will be critical and decides what they can and cannot do, the risk they take, open combo and bonus possibilities…These offers a new tactical dimension to the game!

There is a lot more to say and to show you about this new combat system, expect more very soon.



Daryon, the swordsman

While we are on the combat subject, we know many of you will be happy to hear that we decided to give Daryon a new gear. Forget the fists, he will now be a swordsman!

As you will see on the screenshots we are working on very cool weapons for Daryon. This changes also means for us a rework of his skills and abilities.


Some Mitsuda news and music stuff

Yasunori Mitsuda will start to compose for Edge of Eternity soon and will finish in early 2016. He will compose the action themes (such as battle, boss, fanfare), the main characters themes and the title screen theme.

Cedric, our in-studio sound designer, will compose the environmental themes that require a very close cooperation with the environment artists. By now he is working on Herelsor City’s theme and Herebor Plains’ theme. If you want a preview, follow the links below. Don’t forget this is still work in progress, so subject to (many) possible changes.




Looking for Staff

We are looking for a freelance a rigger/skinner/animation artist. If you feel talented, love the JRPG style, already did some manga/jrpg style animations, you can apply at:

[email protected]

Partnership / Distribution

Last but not least we are pleased to let you know that we signed this summer a Publishing and Distribution partnership with The Sidekicks. This is a new company founded by the people that helped us run our Kickstarter campaign. They have built a marketing, PR and sales offer based on the needs and wishes of small studios like us. They will now handle all the communication and all the “external relations” for the studio and so let us focus 100% on the game development. This is a pretty good news for us!

If you want to learn more about The Sidekicks, feel free to check on their website:



HD Screenshots of the update


Shot out Kickstarter Aurion

Legacy of the Kori-Odan is an action RPG which offers a new type of storycrafting based on African fantasy, lore and culture. Featuring combo-heavy combats sequences and beautiful hand drawn sceneries and characters designs, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan seems to offer a new perspective and alternative to Western and Japanese RPGs. It’s a project we’ll definitively keep an eye on.


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